Am currently working towards the 111 achivement, but I'll be slow cus I like expanding for no reason.

Steam engines
First Factory
Automate Coal
Automate Iron
Automate Copper
Automate basic items
Automate Red Research
Basic BUS Layout/Spacing
Explore + Walls + Guns
Automate Green Research
Automate Red Processing units
Basic Oil layout
Automate Blue Reasearch
Furnaces Phase 1 - Basic Copper and Iron
Electric Energy Distribution 2
Furnaces Phase 2 - Steel & Basic Power Upgrade
Expand Oil
Expand Power grid
Setup On-Off support
Furnaces Phase 3 - Fully Expand
Main Rail Terminus Phase 1
Bolster Wall defences if needed
Remote ore sites
Advanced Electronics 2
Automate Purple Processing units
BUS sorting area?
Electric furnaces
Rocket Silo Research
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